Jocelyn Flay, Reiki Master & Acupuncturist

Jocelyn has been an Energy Healer, practicing various forms of energy medicine since 2008. Her formal practice began with Reiki where she experienced a profound shift in awareness including a deepened perspective on life and healing. Jocelyn's specialities include helping people get through mental and emotional struggles, as well as spiritual and existential concerns. She works with people to help shift limited thought patterns & beliefs that are programed in the subconscious mind from past experiences. Jocelyn currently practices Reiki in New Jersey and will be practicing Acupuncture in the near future upon licensure.


She has her Associate's Degree in Addiction's Counseling, Bachelor's Degree in Psychology and Master's in Acupuncture. She is currently completing her Doctorate of Acupuncture degree and certificate in Chinese Herbal Medicine. She trained under Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt where she learned how to release emotional blockages and beliefs using Psycho-Neurobiology, a technique used to improve mental and emotional health. Jocelyn is certified in Energy Medicine and practices traditional Reiki, Reiki Tummo, Advanced Prana, Lifeforce Energy Healing, Integrated Energy Therapy, Mental Field Therapy, Emotional Freedom Technique, Shiatsu, Tuina, Acupressure, Cold Laser Therapy, and Guided Meditation, utilizing aspects of each modality to bring about the greatest healing. 


Jocelyn's very passionate about learning and helping people feel well and in control of their health, so that they can enjoy the beauty of life AND get through the tougher parts. She loves rock climbing, traveling, yoga, meditation, eating delicious, organic food and being around fun, loving people.