Jocelyn Flay, Reiki Master

Jocelyn has been an Energy Healer, practicing various forms of energy healing since 2008 and a Health Consultant since 2013. Her specialities include offering integrative or alternative care for adrenal fatigue, blood sugar imbalance, digestive conditions, mental/emotional problems, and/or spiritual/existential concerns.


She has her Associate's Degree in Addiction's Counseling, Bachelor's Degree in Psychology and is currently working on her Master's in Acupuncture. She plans to begin studying Chinese Herbs next year. Jocelyn trained under Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt where she learned Autonomic Response Testing and nutritional protocols for Lyme, Autism, parasites, and other immune challenges, as well as Psycho-Neurobiology, a technique used to improve mental and emotional health. She studied and practiced Nutrition Response Testing under board certified clinical nutritionist, Sean Inselberg to treat digestive imbalances, pathogens, and chemical/metal toxicity. Jocelyn is certified in Energy Medicine and practices Reiki, Advanced Prana, Lifeforce Energy Healing, Integrated Energy Therapy, Mental Field Therapy, Emotional Freedom Technique, Shiatsu, Guided Meditation and Acupressure, utilizing aspects of each modality to bring about the greatest healing. She works with Team Member, Sean Inselberg to develop the most effective yet simple nutritional protocols to heal from and prevent illness.


Jocelyn's very passionate about learning and helping people feel well and in control of their health, so that they can enjoy the beauty of life AND get through the tough parts. She loves rock climbing, traveling, yoga, meditation, eating delicious, organic food and being around loving people.

Sean Inselberg, CNS

Sean is a board certified nutritionist who has been studying functional medicine and nutrition for almost 2 decades. He uses functional medicine and biochemistry to assess health conditions and determine the appropriate nutritional care. In order to reach people on a more global level, Sean teamed up with Jocelyn to offer nutritional care through online assessment services. 


Sean sees many cases where people have not received answers or help for their health concerns. He has found that with appropriate nutritional support, lifestyle changes, and assessment modalities, conditions such as auto immune disorders, thyroid imbalance, and digestive problems can be helped. He believes that in addition to nutrition, people need to handle their stress and has found that energy healing is perfect for that. Sean knows that it is possible for people to turn their health around and heal from even the toughest of conditions. His approach to wellness is holistic and addresses the body, mind, and spirit with the aim of optimal health.


Sean has dedicated his life to helping people attain the best health possible. He is currently studying Chinese Medicine, and in his free time enjoys yoga, running, cooking, rock climbing and having a good time with friends.


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