Align with your Highest Self

A Human Being is a Divine Spark of the Creator.

Aspects of a Human Being: A Spirit with Feminine and Masculine Energy with a mind that has an Ego and a physical body that has cellular memory of the Soul (aka, collection of life experiences that the Spirit has lived, creating personality and connected with ancestral heritage).

A Human Being can express:


-Divine Energy

-Earth Energy

-Physicality (biochemistry, structure)

-The Mind with Ego (unconscious)

-The Heart-Mind (conscious presence)

-Feminine Energy

-Masculine Energy

*Note: this is one way to conceptualize aspects of the Human Experience to help the mind understand, but Being-ness exists beyond that which can be conceptualized.

The Highest Self: The truest aspect of yourself that exists closest to Source (aka the Creator, God) in a higher dimension.

*Note: Although your Highest Self exists in a higher dimension, it is connected to you in this moment and this dimension. Conscious connection with your Highest Self will allow for expression of the highest good for yourself and others.

Energy connects all. We are all interconnected in the web of life.

What one thinks, feels, and does has ripple effects on the entire collective.

Aligning with your Highest Self Practice

Part One -Grounding

1) Get in a comfortable position, as comfortable as is available to you in this moment.

2) Feel your body, breathe into it, and become present!

3) Connect with your posture, feel your muscles and breathe LifeForce into your cells.

4) Take up space, being present in your body and with your breath.

5) Now, focus your energy down and using your breath, as you exhale, send your energy down the base of your spine into the Earth. Imagine your energy is like a beam of light, penetrating through the Earth’s crust.

6) You are consciously connecting with the Earth so that you are grounded.

7) Continue to send your energy all the way, making its way to the core of the Earth.

8) Feel how you have established a deep connection with the Earth.

9) Feel how you are supported, how you are so rooted that you can stand tall against any wind that comes your way. Swaying with the Earth.

10) Now, focusing on your inhale, pull in this Nourishing Earth Energy all the way up, through the Earth’s crust and into the base of your Spine--your root chakra, the center of your security, vitality and connection with Life.

11) Take in as much Earth energy as you need to completely nourish all of your cells.

12) Settle in, and feel the nourishment. It is as if the Earth is hugging you.

Part Two -Centering & Expanding

1) Now that you are well rooted, bring your attention to the Center of your Being and breathe into Yourself.

2) That’s right, find your Center, the Center most point where you originate.

3) Now, expand your energy from your Center, expanding out while breathing in fresh LifeForce, and as you exhale extend out--stretch your energy out like a firework.

4) Continuing to extend out in all directions, filling up the space that surrounds you.

5) Now extend up; out and up.

6) Going all the way up, beyond your head and crown chakra, your awareness continues up your Spirit Cord.

7) Continuing up until you find your Highest Self. Sense, and intend to connect.

8) Now, imagine your hand meeting the hand of your Highest Self, and pull your Highest Self down into You--in this moment.

9) You are now consciously aligned with your Highest Expression, allow this connection to reach the deepest parts of you as it resonates down to the cellular-subatomic level of your being. And relax.

10) Find your way back to your Center, the Center of your Being.

11) Take in a deep breath; inhaling LifeForce, holding it, and exhaling all excess energy as it falls down to the Earth.

12) Seal in this practice by noticing your alignment and feeling gratitude. And SMILE :)

Characteristics of Alignment

-Feeling present and on point

-Feeling lighter and clearer

-Feeling peace

-Being in the moment

-Extrasensory perception


-Enhanced awareness


-Vibrating Love

-Sensing oneness, connection

-Living harmoniously

-Honoring life and all living beings--the planet/Universe

-A’ha moments, downloads of insight and understanding

-Knowing that the Universe supports you and has your back

-Trusting in Universal Laws

-Knowing that you are a Creator

-Bending time

-Being in a good feeling state

*This list conceptualizes some aspects of alignment, however it is not all inclusive.

Go within to sense if you are aligned.

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