Be in your Heart Practice

Purpose of Practice: To align with your heart center, the center of your being for health, prosperity, oneness, centeredness, and being with presence.


Settle down into a seated position with your back straight and tailbone slightly tilted down and back

Let go into the ground and work with the force of gravity, allowing your body to be completely supported by the Earth

Bring your attention to your Heart Center

Sense it, Feel it, Be there, Be there in your <3 Center.

The Center of your Being.

ahhhhh, Breathe in.

Smile :-), really Smile :-) :-).

Recall a time of Peace.

Feel the Peace you had.

Smile :-) and Breathe in, filling your Heart Center with Life, light energy.

Your heart is radiating healthy bio-photons of L-I-G-H-T!

Raising your vibration a little more, call to mind and heart a time where you experienced Joy.

Now, feel the Joy. Breathe in. And Smile :-)

Letting go of the experience, smiling from within, allow yourself to open to pure Joy.

Sealing in this practice, feel gratitude, filling your heart with the ultimate state of receivership, beaming vibrations of gratitude and attracting Peace, Joy, and Gratitude.

Benefits of Be in your Heart Practice:

You have changed biochemically, making positive genetic changes that have expressed new proteins, the molecule of life. You are a creative genius.


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