Create an Energetic Shield

Updated: Sep 22, 2019

Part 1 : Get Grounded

-In a seated or standing position, with your back straight bring your attention to the base of your spine where your root chakra is.

-Now, using your intention, connect with the Earth. To do this, you can imagine a cord going from the base of your spine down deep into the Earth. Allow the cord to reach into the Earth’s center and imagine giving the Earth a big hug.

-Using the cord, take some time to release any tension, stress or heavy emotions you are carrying to be recycled as energy into the Earth. Use your breathe to move the tension, stress, and emotions along. Focus on them leaving your body and energy field allowing you to become lighter and lighter, returning to your natural state.

-When you are done releasing, send gratitude down the cord and allow it to fill up the center of the Earth.

-Then, while inhaling, bring up Earth energy. Draw it up the cord as you would liquid through a straw, all the way to the base of your spine where it meets your root chakra and completely nourishes you. Giving you balance, meeting your needs, and reminding you that you belong and are safe.

-Now, SMILE, you are completely grounded!

Part 2 : Energy Shield Technique

-Now that you are grounded, it is time to expand. Straighten your spine, tilt your coccyx (tailbone) down and back, and extend the top of your head up toward the sky. Take a deep breathe into your Heart Center, hold the breathe, and exhale when you are ready.

-It’s time to expand into a tree: Feel your roots as they are strongly established in the Earth extending from your root chakra all the way into the center of the Earth.

-Now, connect with your spine and imagine it is like the trunk of a tree. Breathe into your trunk and feel its strength. You are firmly established, and totally supported by the Earth.

It’s time to extend up toward the Sun as you receive complete nourishment from the Light. -While inhaling, open your chest and extend your arms like branches up toward the Sky. Feel your Heart Center, the center of your Being, and allow yourself to naturally expand into Space.

-Feel how you are grounded, aligned, and expanded. You are literally a bridge between the Earth and Sky!

-Now, imagine the leaves that fill your branches. Notice the colors, textures, and shapes. Continue to fill your branches until your tree feels complete.

-You can now center yourself in your Heart. Notice how your tree shelters you.

-The tree that you have created can act as an Energetic Shield (Tree Shield) that will buffer what comes in from the environment, and what you send out.

Practical Benefits of your Energetic Tree Shield

Once you have completed the above Part 1 and Part 2, you have created an Energetic Shield in the form of a Tree Shield that is connected with the Earth and the Sky always. You can modify your Tree Shield at anytime, and you can tune into it at anytime. Tuning into your Tree Shield will allow you to reground yourself, and expand yourself so that you comfortable in your environment, and feel balanced and connected with your innate resources.

Practically speaking, imagine that you are going into a high stress work meeting where you want to be on point and able to handle your stressed out boss. You can practice Part 1 and Part 2 the morning before the meeting, and during the meeting reconnect with your Tree Shield, which will create a natural buffer between you and your environment so that if your boss says something harsh, it will hit a leaf on your Tree rather than you. The leaf along with your boss’ energy will naturally fall to the Earth, leaving you untouched. In addition, since you will be grounded you will be better able to tap into your natural resources and provide a remedy for what your boss is stressed out about. A major benefit of the Tree Shield is its ability to ground you and provide space for you to be.

You can use your Tree Shield in two ways. It can protect you from harm so that anything coming in from the environment that is not enriching to you hits your Tree Shield rather than You. It can also allow you to transmute low vibrations (such as anger) that you are carrying into higher vibrations such as energy to move forward. This can be done by using the roots of the Tree Shield to ground and release the anger so that it goes into the Earth where it is recycled as energy. Then, you can bring Earth energy up your roots, into the trunk of your Tree Shield, allowing the energy to extend all the way up to its leaves. You can practice this until the anger has been transmuted into a higher state. For instance, it can change from Anger to Hostility to Boredom to Mild Interest to Cheerfulness. When releasing emotions, there is no need to judge the emotion, instead allow it to go into the Earth just as it is. Also, allow the process of transmutation to occur so the emotion (e.g. Anger) is able to lift into higher and higher expressions of vibration. Hence the need for it to transmute from lets say anger to hostility to boredom to mild interest to cheerfulness.

I hope this technique helps you as much as it has helped me :-) Cheers!

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