Feeling Everyone's ishhh!?

Maybe you are empathic! There are two types of empathy; physical and emotional.

Physical Empathy: You pick up on other people's energy and experience physical sensations. For example, you are around a friend who has a headache and you leave their house with a headache.

Emotional Empathy: You pick up on other's energy and feel their emotions as if they were your own. For instance, you're friend just went through a breakup and while you are consoling them you feel intense loss and sadness as if you just experienced a breakup.

Some Signs of Being an Empath

  • You are highly sensitive

  • You absorb other people's emotions, discomfort, tension or pain

  • You are introverted

  • You feel overstimulated when around large crowds, casinos, train stations, malls, etc.

  • You are highly intuitive

  • You often leave large crowds feeling drained, depleted, scattered or heavy

  • You attract "energy vampires" (people who drain you)

  • You need alone time to recharge

  • You cannot watch scary or violent movies/shows

  • You have trouble harming a fly

  • You can feel overwhelmed in intimate relationships

  • You have a BIG heart and tend to give

  • You are highly creative

  • You are prone to escapism, depression, anxiety and/or addiction

  • You experience fatigue and/or digestive problems

  • Your emotions fluctuate dramatically

  • You experience moodiness

  • You are caring and gentle at heart

  • You find that you feel better in nature

  • You are drawn to the Healing Arts (i.e. nurses, doctors, energy healers, social workers, artists, musicians, nutritionists etc.)

If you think you are an Empath it will be helpful to learn more about your nature and your ability to pick up on other people's energies. Learning about Empathy will be life changing as you develop an understanding for your tendencies and predispositions. There are techniques that you can learn that will help you to balance your ability and live life with more ease, no matter what the environment. Empathy is a gift that the world deeply needs. With empathy, you can offer deep caring and sacred space for others to heal in. You can also turn your empathy inward and learn to care for yourself deeply. Below is an exercise that will help going into any new situation or a situation that involves a crowd. Whether you experience anxiety, shyness, introversion or empathy, this exercise will help bring you out of your shell!

You walk into a room full of people.

Step 1: Notice the four corners of the room.

Step 2: Connect with your heart, breathe in, and imagine throwing a ball of YOUR energy on the top and bottom of each corner.

Step 3: Center in your heart and ground into the earth by sending your energy down your spine & imagining it rooting into the earth like roots of a tree. Continue until your roots are strongly established and support you here and now in this environment.

Step 4: Center in your heart again, breathe in, SMILE, and be open. This will encourage other people to come up to you energetically.

Resources: I learned this concept from 1) Natasha Che and received the image from 2) Google Images and always find helpful information on 3) :-) Namaste!

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