Getting Grounded and Becoming Present

It's so easy to go on autopilot and rush through the laundry list of tasks we have to do each day without even being aware of the fact that we are no longer living consciously. This makes for a less than lively way of living, being disconnected from life itself. An effective way to counteract this tendency is to practice grounding techniques. The term grounding refers to connecting to the Earth's Energy of 7.83Hz. This frequency is very healing on all levels, especially physically, and reflects a state of natural balance that is seen throughout this Universe. Grounding allows us to draw up nourishing Earth Energy into our root chakra located at the base of our spine. The term chakra means wheel in Sanskrit and refers to energy centers located in our Energy Body that exist just outside the Physical Body. Physical health, feeling secure, having resources, and being connected to the Earth directly reflect the state of our root chakra. Practicing the below grounding technique can restore balance to your root chakra and help you become more present so that you can live consciously and embrace the game of life.

Begin by centering yourself in your heart. Connect with your heart center and affirm,

I am safe, I am secure, I am centered, I am grounded, I belong.

Next, chant LAM (LLLLAAAAMMM) as this sound creates a vibration that releases blocked energy from your root chakra and is activating, giving you the energy of courage, resourcefulness, belongingness, & security.

Now you are ready to meditate:

Sitting with your back straight & the soles of your feet on the ground, bring your attention to the center of your head & breathe in. Now, focus on the base of your spine, where your root chakra is & breathe in. Imagine like roots of a tree coming out of your root chakra into the Earth. With your breath, send your roots deeper & deeper into the Earth, passing through layer by layer. Continue until you reach the Earth’s core & allow your roots to hug it. Settle in & breathe. When you’re ready while breathing in, draw Earth energy into your roots, filling you with complete nourishment. Allow the energy to continue up and fill your root chakra until you are completely grounded & one with the Earth. Know that the energy will flow from you root chakra to wherever it is needed in your body. Close this meditation with a feeling of gratitude, and SMILE :) .

Now you are ready to go out and live consciously. Grounding will create space for you to be present and is very helpful when dealing with life circumstances and people. Namaste.

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