In a pickle? Here's 4 Steps to get out of it!

Purpose of this exercise

To assist you energetically in shifting your vantage point from limitation to an expansive, life affirming view that will free you up to consciously create the life you want. This exercise will help you to raise your vibration so that the thoughts and feelings you send out to the Universe are in line with your highest good and the highest good of others. Cheers to you Co-Creator, You got this!

The Exercise

First, breathe. Take in a deep breath filling up with fresh Life-Force energy, hold it, allowing it to resonate on a cellular level, and exhale as any tension you are feeling releases and falls to the Earth to be recycled.

Second, reframe: You are alive and connected with Life-Force which means you are connected with the Source of Life right now, AND you have a vast energy source that you can use to Create with.

Third, remember. You are a conscious being who is expanding your awareness to a greater level. You create your reality with your thoughts and feelings which you send out to the Universe who responds by mirroring back that which is of like vibration to what you sent out. The Universe will match you. This is good news! Imagine a savings account that matches the money you put in, dollar for dollar, that is the Universe.

Fourth, center. Follow my words as you find your center. The center of your being, that center most point where you originate, find this point. Sense your center, the center of your being. Breathe in to your center filling it with fresh Life-Force energy, hold it in allowing it to resonate in this space, and exhale intending to push all limitations out and away from your center, away from your body, away from your energy field, and away from space.

Closing Remarks

You have just done great clearing work and are a powerful Creator capable of handling anything that life throws your way and capable of creating the life that you desire. Well done! Good vibes to you, I’m thankful you are in the world.

Much Love, Jocelyn

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