Natural Health: Energy Healing 101

The Energy Body: Chakras & Aura

As we experience life, sometimes things don't go quite as expected. Depending on our perception and the meaning we attach to our experiences, we form thoughts and beliefs about the world, feel emotions and sometimes find ourselves in the midst of something traumatic. On an energetic level, blockages can form and affect our natural flow of Life Energy. Normally our Life Energy flows through our chakras, meridian channels, and cells emitting cellular light, called biophotons. Life Energy that flows in harmony allows our tissues, organs, and organ systems to function and maintain homeostasis (aka balance in any environment). When energetic blockages form, however, meridian channels and chakras can become imbalanced and affect our bodies, minds, emotions, and spirits negatively. Depending on what meridian or chakra is affected, various imbalances can appear such as issues surrounding security, physical health, resources, ability to experience pleasure, energy level, connection with self, others & environment, as well as the ability to express ideas, be intuitive, & have an inner knowing.

Specific Points in the Body Consisting of Neurovascular Bundles

The good news is that Energy Healing works to create a shift in the energy field by channeling Life Energy to the chakras, meridians and body. Working with energy allows you to heal with ease, as energy healing works energetically to influence your physical body. How is this? Well, we know that the chakras located throughout the spinal column connect with the Nervous System and meridian points located throughout the body are actually sites of neurovascular bundles consisting of high amounts of nerves and blood vessels. On a microscopic level if we look at an atom, we quickly come to an understanding that it is 99.9999% space and .0001% matter.

The principles of Energy Healing use Life Energy to promote balance and healing energetically, since we are much more energy than we are matter, and our energy fields directly influence our physical bodies because the two are interconnected. Even that which we perceive as solid is moving at a cellular level and vibrating at an atomic level. You may experience an immediate shift after receiving an Energy Healing and based on the intention of your session, no longer feel or sense your original complaint. Or you may experience an energetic shift first that later manifests into your physical reality. The exact healing that takes place is directed by your higher mind (aka Higher Self).

Reiki in particular is a beautiful form of Energy Healing because the Reiki Energy (aka Universal Life Energy) goes exactly where it is needed based on what you are ready to heal. To reiterate, the healing is naturally guided by you drawing in the Universal Energy! Reiki practitioners have been attuned to receive Universal Energy and practice while grounded, centered and aligned with their Higher Selves and the Creator, allowing them to be an open channel for Universal Energy.

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